Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Quilt Display, Gifted New Handkerchiefs, 1857 Update

My quilt guild has a display at the Royal Oak Public Library. This was my library when I was a girl & teenager, so it is so special to share some of my quilts there! I helped set up the display last night during a snow storm.
I brought my quilt based on the Morning Glory fairy in A Year With the Fairies by Anna O. Scott. It is mixed media using crayon tinting, embroidery, appliquéd silk flowers, beading, and a sheer net overlay. The pink fabric is silk.
 My handkerchief border quilt includes embroidery based on a 1930s greeting card vintage buttons.
A part of my Redwork based on illustrations from Reggie's Christmas can be seen on the shelf below. The book was read by my mother-in-law who got it from her uncle James O'Dell.
The left quilt below is a folded bow-tie. The doggies are wool appliqué on cotton.
 So many cute things were offered for the display, small quilts and pot holders.
 Scott T. Dog uses reproduction 1930s fabrics.

Yesterday morning at my weekly quilt gathering's show and tell I saw a quilt based on The Fiona Quilt Block by Carolyn Perry Goins. I will have a photo later. And a lady gave me some handerchiefs from her collection.

AND, between my morning group and the late afternoon gathering I met with a lady to guide her in making her first handkerchief collage! She had a wonderful heirloom collection of laces, trims, and dress pieces from her mother and grandmother. I want to go back and get photos!

I finished six blocks of the 1857 Album from Sentimental Stitches. 

Little Hazel from Esther Aliu has been showing up on her Facebook page in extraordinary manifestations! The interpretations are remarkable! I eagerly await the next part to be released!

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