Saturday, March 5, 2016

Help! & Tidbits & News & Old & New

Help! I bought these handkerchiefs on eBay a few years ago and have been trying to find out WHO these kids are! Jennie, Mortimer, and Jerry. Ring any bells? I was sure I would find they were movie or radio characters.

A friend found this in her mother's sewing room. She wondered what it was. 
 It is marked "Pat. May 22 1900".
I Goggled it and found one that sold on Etsy. The seller had attached information from the patent. It was a seam ripper! Read an article about the inventor and how it was used at American Scissor Stories. Now I want one.

Sunetra from my weekly quilt group made Woven Rust from The Fiona Quilt Block book. She loves it and wants to make another.
I bought two handkerchiefs from eBay, both mint with tags and minor age stains.

Pine Woods Press is writing a book about Lake Superior light saving stations and found my post The Shipwreck Coast, Girl, and a Lamp. My husband's grandmother spent time at Crisp's Point and Vermillion Lighthouse when a teenager. She helped with the children. She received a post card of Capt. James Scott, the Crisp's Point life saving station keeper, and it will appear in the upcoming book! Meantime they are sending me their first publication Storms and Sand about Big Sable Point shipwrecks.
Capt James Scott, dated Sept. 1911
My Shiba Inus both are getting older. They have heart murmurs and now Suki is showing elevated levels for borderline kidney troubles. Poor dears. Suki is about 14, and Kamikaze about 11. Both spent their early years as breeders in puppy mills before being rescued and adopted by us.
March has brought snow....the snow we were supposed to get in January. Sigh. 

Meanwhile I finished a quilt started in 1996. I made the Biblical Block Sampler  by Rosemary Makham before I had the skill set for it. It didn't fit together. Several years ago I took it apart and turned it into two smaller pieces. This part was the central Pine Tree.

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