Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Bird of Friendship Appliqué Pattern

Here is a sweet block from Blue Ribbon Patterns p-130, published in 1974 by Tower Press.

Bird of Friendship Quilt

This quilt is a original idea of Lauraine Smith. Since so many of you ladies are interested in friendship quilts, I'm sure this pattern will make a unique and different quilt and a fine keepsake.

This quilt takes 14 blocks, each block measuring 12 inches square, plus a seven inch border at the top and sides and a 14 inch border at the bottom.

Materials needed are: yellow for the blocks, blue for the birds, white for the envelopes, and pink for the border.

Baste and stitch bird and envelope on each of the yellow squares. Use a ball point pen to mark features, seams, etc. of it you wish they may be embroidered.  Make patterns from drawings and allow for seams.

Lauraine M. Smith, 21 Withee Avenue, Madison, Maine 04950

Researching Lauraine M. Smith on shows she was born in 1915 and died April 9, 2000. I found her pattern also appeared in the July, 1968 Stitch/Sew magazine  I did not discover anything more about her.

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