Monday, June 13, 2016

Handkerchief Souvenirs From Home and Abroad

New York City Central Park Zoo by Tammis Keefe was part of her NYC landmarks series
Handkerchiefs were popular souvenirs, easily packed colorful reminders of happy travels. Cities, states, countries, landmarks, museums, and fairs were depicted. Here are some from my collection.

City Souvenirs

New York City landmarks
Chicago by Tammis Keefe
Milwaukee, MN
Wilmington, Delaware by Tammis Keefe
Windsor and Niagara Falls Canada silk hankys
Tammis Keefe did a series of Philadelphia landmark handkerchiefs.
Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Rittenhouse Square
John Wanamaker's, "Meet Me at the Eagle"
Including historical landmarks.
The Liberty Bell
Independence Hall
Landmarks, Museums, Historical Interest
Independence Hall
Pennsbury Manor, home of William Penn
House of the Seven Gables
Mt Rushmore
Governor's Palace, Wilmington DE, Tammis Keefe
Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI by Tammis Keefe
Greenfield Village, uncut material, Tammis Keefe 
Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, MI by Tammis Keefe
Museum of Costume, Bath, England
 State Handkerchiefs
The Great Lakes States
Around the World
Chinese handkerchief
New Zealand
Crossing the Equator
Great Britain
Bern, Switzerland
The Taj Mahal
 The New York World's Fair souvenirs

A handkerchief bag New York World's Fair
Silk New York World's Fair showing world costumes 
Years ago I saw this state handkerchief quilt on eBay. I started collecting these state hankys to make my own. I still need a dozen more.

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