Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hillbilly Pixies Quilt Pattern

Years ago I saw a quilt on eBay with appliquéd and embroidered elves. Some time after that I found the pattern in Blue Ribbon Quilt Patterns by Ruby Hinson published in 1973.
the eBay quilt
Here is the pattern.

"For the next two issues I am going to give you one of the cutest and most unusual crib or youth quilt patterns that I have ever seen. This pattern was designed almost forty years ago but has never been published before. The pattern was sent to me by the present owner of the original quilt, Mrs. Evelyn Bernard, an aunt of the designer. The following is taken from the pattern as it was sent to me:
"This quilt was started in 1933-34 by Virginia B. Howe, who is the niece of Evelyn Bernard, who is the owner of the quilt. Miss Howe drew the little pixies free hand, so these are her own originals. There were 34 of these little 6-inch blocks made up at that time. They were kept for 32 years in a protected place by Evelyn Bernard, and in 1966 she sent the 34 made up blocks to a pen pal, Winona Clocker, with enough material to make the other blocks and finish the quilt for her. The quilt diagram shown is the original setting for this long loved quilt. The quilt arrangement of Winona's made the little 6-inch blocks seem larger and if you look closely the little pixies will run in a circle.

"All hats are appliquéd of different prints, no two alike. Embodier the scarves, ties, and collars in a color picked from the print hat. All faces are embroidered in black outline stitch. Hair may be any color desired, such as yellow, red, brown, black, white, gray or tan. 

"There are two hat types which are called "Split Hat" and "Bell Shaped Hat" and thee have both a right and left facing pattern. You can see from the diagram that two appliqué blocks are set alternately with two plain blocks and these are then surrounded with strips to form a larger square. These strips on the original quilt were made from pink and yellow solid. Sew two pink strips together, on the short triangle seam, to form one half of a square. Sew two yellow strips together, on the short triangle seam, for form the other half of the square. Sew this around the 6-inch block to form a frame. Join the last small triangle corner of the yellow strip to complete the square. Watch the diagram of the quilt for the correct way of arranging the pink half corners and the yellow half side of the square strip frame, when joining the whole blocks together.

"Since this quilt was designed and made some time ago the diagram and material needed is for a small quilt top but if you prefer a larger top just add more blocks. This just shows a finished quilt in size 75" x 90".

"You will need: 60 each 6-inch appliquéd blocks; 2 1/2 yards pink, 2 1/2 yards yellow. Additional for quilt lining. Quilt cotton (dacron) batting, 1-inch wide print binding for the edges of the quilt.

"Seam allowances are given on the hat appliqué patches to turn under when you appliqué the hat in place. If you prefer to appliqué the hats with your zig-zag machine then it is not necessary to allow for seams or if you appliqué by hand and use a close buttonhole or blanket stitch no seam allowance is necessary.

"To place the pixie designs on the 6-inch blocks, use a transfer pencil and trace them on tissue or tracing paper and then place this tracing face down (traced side against material) and stamp with a hot iron. To quilt your quilt after it is completed, you can just quilt about one-half inch from both sides of all seams on all pieces except the little Pixie hats. This will be enough quilting for the complete quilt, since the pieces are all small pieces. Quilt around the seams of the 6-inch blocks, frame strips and the border."

Blue Ribbon Patterns p-640 Vol. 1; Quilt Patterns by Ruby Hinson. Tower Press publications.

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