Monday, November 7, 2016

My Patriotic Quilts at the Library for Election Day!

My political and presidential textiles are on display at the local library! I also included some stereoscopic cards from my husband's collection.
Remember the Ladies by Nancy A. Bekofske
The Presidents Quilt by Nancy A. Bekofske

Giddyup by Nancy A. Bekofske (and help from Dustin Cecil who made the Giddyup block!)

Bicentennial Memories by Nancy A. Bekofske

The display case photos didn't come out too well so I included better photos of the handkerchiefs.

1965 President Kennedy scarf, We Want Roosevelt (for FDR), and Al Smith campaign hankys

Hanky signed by First Lady Pat Nixon
Stereoscopic cards of Teddy Roosevelt in his office and at his inauguration,
President Lincoln's log cabin and the theater where his life ended

Ida McKinley stereoscopic card, Martha Washington cabinet card
handkerchief signed by Bess Truman

Handkerchief signed by Betty Ford
President McKinley and Ida stereoscopic card
Bicentennial fabric on the shelf
I needed to keep the display party neutral, but I have two more in my collection to show you

Remember what is important.
And whatever your party, VOTE!

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