Wednesday, November 2, 2016

What I'm Working On

My 1857 Album blocks for October need corner pieces. Its been great fun!Thanks to Gay Bomers of Sentimental Stitches for providing the free patterns!
 My next poet quilt is TS Eliot, featuring The Naming of Cats!
 I am hand quilting it.
 St Martin's Press sent me this Domestic Noir thriller...
 And then a letter...
Look for a $2.99 sale on Behind Closed Doors.

I won The Mortifications which I am enjoying.

Next week my weekly quilt group is going to the White Horse Inn in Metamora, MI and visiting a quilt shop in Hadley, MI, home of this covered bridge:

Photo by Tom Gochenoujr
I just had to end with this bit of home decor. The bucket was painted by a dear lady who said her mother always displayed Indian Corn.

The roses are still blooming, the grass is bright green, my parsley is thriving; we haven't had a killing frost yet; today its in the 70s again. The leaves are just beginning to fall--although the city has been scheduled to pick them up for several weeks! I can't believe it's November! At least I can be thankful that the election will soon be over...although I know the political battles won't end with a new president...

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