Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Aunt Martha's Quilt Booklets

My Tuesday quilt group was given boxes of craft supplies from an unknown source. I picked up some Aunt Martha's quilt booklets that date from 1952 to 1977.
According to Quilt History Tidbits the dates are:
Quilt Designs; Old Favorites--& New (No. 3175), ca. January 1952
Quilt Lover's Delight (No. 3540), ca. January 1960
Bold and Beautiful Quilts (No. 3778), ca. February 1977
Quilts; Heirlooms of Tomorrow (No. 3780), ca. February 1977

There were several figural patterns. The Gingham Dog and Calico Cat patterns are dear to my heart. The Eugene Field poem The Duel was a favorite of mine as a girl, as I wrote about here.

There is a sweet lady with a nosegay to applique and embroider.
 And Sunbonet Sue and Overall Bill.
 My friend Linda is making a version of this Morning Glory pattern.

I love this Hexagon Wreath! I can't see myself making it this size, but I would like to make a larger version of this.
Hexagon Wreath

 The Cornflower is another cute floral pattern.

The Ferris Wheel Quilt is an interesting pattern that could work up to be very Modern done in solids on white.

 Some day I will do a Rose quilt. This Democratic Rose makes an 18" block.
Read about Aunt Martha at Quilt History

The Quilt Index has full text and photographs available of
Aunt Martha's Favorite Quilts (No. 3230), ca. January 1953 found at

Q is for Quilter has clean scans of all pages in Quilt Designs, Old Favorites found at

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