Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Grandmother's Patchwork Quilts

I found three quilt pattern booklets at the Royal Oak Flea Market this month. They dated from 1931 and 1932. The booklets were published by W.L.M. Clark, Inc of St. Louis, MO. Booklet 20 titled Grandmother's Patchwork Quilt Designs; 21 titled Grandmother's Oldfashioned Quilt Designs; and 23 Grandmother's Authentic Early America Patchwork Quilts.

Sales stickers on the back covers show they were from Herrschners: Stamped Goods, Yarns and Threads, Needlepoint, Rug and Quilt Materials, Frederick Herrschners Co, Chicago, IL.

Here are some patterns from the booklets.

The Flower Wreath with it's hexagon flower shapes would be an easy beginning pattern for those learning applique. I also liked the Waterlilies which has a three-lobed shape instead of three separate petals, making the pattern simpler.

The Poinsettia applique would require precision in laying out the pieces. I would lightly trace the pattern on the background fabric with pencil.

The Star Flower is so unusual. It is meant to be pieced or appliqued?

Star and Planets is a very interesting block which I have not seen before. Pattern pieces are given on alternate pages.

Two butterfly block patterns are shown next to very cool pieced designs.
I like the Pussy in the Corner's value placement. The Diamonds pattern could be adapted for Modern Quilting.
Two flower pot variations are shown below. The one in the top middle is quite strange but easy to applique. The Sunburst is obviously for highly skilled piecers!

 Two wheel variations.
 And two curved designs. I'd make the Orange Peel by applique.
I found these adorable Sunbonnet Sue patterns meant for applique with fabric skirts and hats and embroidery for the details.
This Egyptian Butterfly applique is also very simple with it's squared shapes.

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