Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Read-Aloud Classics Introduces Beloved Stories to the Very Young

I am personally excited by the Read-Aloud Classics from MoonDance Press. I know from personal experience the impact of introducing the great tales from literature to youngsters ages 2 to 6.

The Classics Illustrated Comic Books inspired me to read my favorite stories in the originals by age eleven.

When our son was a child I happened upon abridged versions of the classics, presented in little paperback books. Soon my son was reading the original books of his favorites. 

I sincerely believe that great stories engage readers of every age and that by familiarizing children with age-appropriate presentations these books will become friends to be revisited when older.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer has artistic illustrations of great beauty and nostalgia. The scenery is vivid and gorgeously rendered with wide skies of deep color, the greens and blues of water, and the warm colors of the cave lit by a torch.

This abridgment of the story is appropriate for the youngest children, concentrating on the iconic characters of Tom, Becky, Aunt Polly, and Huck Finn. Memorable scenes of the fence painting, the boys running away on the river, playing pirates and treasure hunting, and Tom and Becky lost in the cave will spark the imagination of a child.

From the publisher:
Discover the timeless and topsy-turvy adventures of Tom Sawyer, an irresistible character full of mischief, silliness, and bravery. 
Mark Twain's classic tale of the quintessential mischievous boy re-envisioned for very young children. 
First published in 1876, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer has been a children's favorite since its publication, and this edition adapts the classic into a story young children will love. Read about the adventures of the Tom Sawyer, a timeless character full of mischief, silliness, and bravery. This faithful introduction brings to life the parts of Tom Sawyer that young children will understand and enjoy.
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Mark Twain, Glenn Harrington, Charles Nurnberg
Publication: July 5, 2017
ISBN 9781633221482, 1633221482
Hardcover |  28 pages
$17.95 USD, $23.95 CAD, £11.99 GBP
Juvenile Fiction / Classics

Around the World in 80 Days was a favorite story after I saw the movie version as a four-year-old child. I loved seeing the many cultures and landscapes of the world.

The Read-Aloud version will have a strong appeal to boys with its concentrate on methods of travel in 1872.

The illustrations are very colorful, with bright primary colors, and rendered in a loose, playful style.

As Passepartout accompanies Phileas Fogg on trains, elephants, steamship, carriage, a sled with sails, and ship children will wonder if they make it back in 80 days. Of course, the unexpected ending is a teaching moment, too!


From the publisher:

Meet Phileas Fogg and his valet, Passepartout, as they attempt to travel the world via train, boat, and even elephant in just eighty days. This age-appropriate introduction presents the original novel in a way that children will understand and enjoy, and provides a faithful retelling that children will recall when they are older and ready for the original text.
Read-Aloud Classics: Around the World in 80 Days
byJules Verne, Rosemary Woods, Charles Nurnberg
Publication: July 5, 2017
ISBN 9781633221499, 1633221490
Hardcover |  28 pages
$17.95 USD, $23.95 CAD, £11.99 GBP
Juvenile Fiction / Action & Adventure

Coming this fall in the series is Peter Pan!

I received free ebooks from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.

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