Saturday, August 31, 2013

AQS Grand Rapids IV: Traditional Quilts

Here are some of the traditional quilts I saw at the show.

A Woman's Journey by Marsha Molly was inspired by a historical quilt made in 1841 by women convicts on their way to Australia's penal colonies.

The medallion quilt, Spring Time in the Rockies by Patty Girvan, was designed by Susan Garman.

Look at this the HUGE Amazon Star by Jane Reents!

Sedona Sunset by Terri Doyle was designed on EQ6.

A detail of the quilting

The machine quilting award winning Andrew by Kathi Carter has amazing quilting.

Another award winner was Visions of Peppermints by Ruth Ann Henry, another Michigan gal. The quilting was by Beverly Heyworth.

Sadly I can not read all the labels to identify all the quilts. I only had five hours at the show and was not as diligent as I should have been. This was pretty amazing.

Sample the Fruitcake by Sue Hawkes incorporated embroidery, crystals, beads, and coded tab edging!

The detail in this quilt was awesome.

I had to love a quilt that incorporated a handkerchief!!Golden Wedding quilt by Claudia Pfeil .

 In Orbit by Evelyn Evers was so interesting to see. Traditional pushed to Modern!

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