Friday, August 16, 2013

Vintage Fabrics

I have a small collection of vintage fabrics, culled from various sources over the years including garage sales, thrift and collectibles shops, and flea markets.

I love these prints. The pink and aqua is unusual as mostly I find the prints in browns.

I love kitchen prints. So much fun!

This towel was in mint condition. Kendall towels are very collectible. I got this for $3 at a flea market.

At the same flea market I found a set of kitchen curtains in wonderful shape. I paid $5. Imagine the kitchen that had fabric will metallic gold on the curtains!

Speaking of metallic gold in prints, this remnant of drapery or upholstery fabric is wild! Gold, turquoise and olive green. These are the  decorating colors people had when I was a girl.

Over 15 years ago I found a lot of decorating fabric samples. They are all from the same time period and each pattern had several color ways. Gold shows up again.

The bottom pic you can see a snippet of the kitchen print shown above. So I know they are all from the same time period.

Some of these prints look similar to things popular today. Today's designs are less detailed and fussy, and more graphic and modern. Novelty print,s like the kitchen curtain print with coffee urns, are still popular. But I have yet to see a fabric decorated with microwave ovens, Cusinart blenders, and Keurig coffee makers! Or with iPads, smart phones and flat screen tvs. Although I have wondered why we don't make album quilts showing modern cars and fashions like the 19th c ones with horses and steam boats!

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