Monday, August 12, 2013

Mid-Century American Colonial Decorating Fabrics Quilt

About 12 years ago I found this quilt on eBay. It has a pieced top made of decorating fabrics from the 1950s and  1960s. Feather stitch embroidery outlines each patch. It is not lined. It weighs a ton! But it was cheap and I loved those prints everyone had when I grew up.

Revolutionary soldiers can be found

Lots of old signs, eagles, a wooden "Indian". Early American history re imagined for the Mad Men age!

Warm oranges and browns and cool turquoise and olive green predominates. Some prints have red, white & blue.

Vintage Grandma Moses style print decorating fabrics are still found for sale on eBay. I love this maple sugar gathering print.

Even the floral fabrics are in the same color palettes of colors, turquoise, blue, orange and brown.

In 1957 we moved to the largest apartment in our family home that housed three families. My cousins had lived in there until they bought a house. We moved in afterwards. The walls had a brown floral wallpaper. The wainscoting was painted brown. Mom bought a nylon couch in turquoise, with a matching chair in a brown and cream print and a solid brown chair. They lasted forever! We had the brown chair in the early 1970s. That color scheme is very familiar to me!

Around 1958 Mom redecorated with more turquoise. Dad built the wood cornices.

When my husband went off to college in 1968 his mom made him a quilt, one of her first. It includes some decorating fabrics that she had in her stash.

I wish I had a picture of the early 1960s turquoise and white pop-up camper my dad bought and gave us in the 1990s. The curtains were in a brown/gold/orange barkcloth American Revolution print. So cool! The electric system blew out and we gave the camper away after many years of use.

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