Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Great Blog for Handkerchief Lovers and My Latest Find

 I bought a SwissAir hanky off eBay today and did a Goggle search to learn more about it. I Goggled SwissAir handkerchiefs and discovered a great blog on handkerchiefs, Handkerchief Heroes at  http://handkerchiefheroes.com. The blog has wonderful photos, thematic articles with links and even songs and quotations.

Here is the handkerchief I bought.  It is part of  series. The series is shown at the "Air Travel" post at http://handkerchiefheroes.com/air-travel/. Now I want them all! There is a cubist feel to the design. Each hanky features a different country with two people with instruments.

Many years ago I found this Swissair hanky for about a quarter at a flea market.


Souvenir handkerchiefs abounded. Designers like Tammis Keefe did series for major cities. Here are some other hankies in my collection originally purchased to remember a special trip or place.

The Eagle in John Wanamaker's flagship store stood in the atrium and was a meeting spot for Philadephians.
Tammis Keefe from her Philadelphia Series