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Nostalgic Images on Mid-Century Handkerchiefs

Burmel Gay 90s Hanky
The Twentieth Century nostalgia for Early America and the Gay 90s was manifested in handkerchief design in the 50s and 60s.  Technology and social changes were happening so quickly that people's thoughts hearkened back to perceived 'simpler times.' 

Some of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes have persons longing for the olden days, like "A Stop At Willoughby" in which a "Mad Man" ad man feels such stress he fantasizes about a train stop to an 1888 town.

My family all decorated in the Colonial Revival style, not the Modern which is in revival today. A great article on the Americana revival in the 70 s can be found  here:

Here are some examples from my collection.

Pat Prichard used Early American signs in these hanky designs.

In another series Prichard used turn-of-the century kitchen images, like the cast iron stove in the hanky below.
 Old clocks and time pieces are also found on handkerchiefs of this time period.

Jeanne Miller
We were nostalgic for old forms of transportation. 
Pat Prichard
Pat Prichard
Pat Prichard
Quaint baby buggies from yesteryear by Pat Prichard.
Tammis Keefe was a prolific designer in the 1960s. 
Tammis Keefe
Tammis Keefe
Erin O'Dell's design with antique furniture was not far different from what Tammis Keefe was doing ten years earlier.
 High button boots and an old time cash register on another Pat Prichard hanky.
Old fashioned keys were another motif found in several designs like this one by Faith Austen.

 I love this nostalgic kitchen scene series.
 I made a wall hanging with a hanky from this series.

Farm and small town life was another favorite theme.
Betty Anderson
Tammis Keefe's wooden Indians salute a ship's masthead woman.

I love this Tammis Keefe hanky with sailors in the rigging of an old sailing ship.
And here the sailors are dancing the Hornpipe.

Learn more about Tammis Keefe here.

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