Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sheet Music Covers

My mother and grandmother made sure I took piano lessons starting at eight years old. I liked playing but not necessarily practicing. Then my folks moved and the piano did not move with us. I found myself in a strange school far from my friends and cousins I missed my piano exceedingly.

In Sixth Grade music classes I wanted to touch the piano, but was too shy to ask. Then m my grandmother bought me a used upright piano, painted white. Mom painted it a light green, a trendy color in 1964. I resumed lessons. In 1966 I had six months of guitar lessons, then dropped lessons all together. But I continued to play, teaching myself.

I have an antique quarter sawn oak, planck front music cabinet full of sheet music. The oldest pieces were given to me when I was a girl: Deep Purple and Symphony. In the early 1970s in Philadelphia we came across a collectibles shop that sold sheet music and I started collecting it. I do play the music. But sometimes I buy it just for the cover art.

Exotic women abound

 Fashion trends

War and music seemed to hand-in-hand in the last century. That kind of musical patriotism has vanished.

 Couples are a perennial theme.

 What great art

 I even love the fonts used on the old music, like Dromedary

More girls

If a famous singer performed the song it is likely they appeared on the sheet music.
Sometimes the gal became famous later.

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  1. Those graphics are wonderful! My Dad was a music teacher and played the organ at church. I have great memories of organizing music for his choir...