Monday, August 25, 2014

1962 Illustrations: Household Management

The March 1962 Family Circle has some great illustrations for its article "Short Cuts to Easier House Cleaning" by Sally Pepper Adams, Equipment Editor. She suggests getting organized with a schedule. "Think about your house and the myriad things you do to keep it and your family running smoothly. Make a list of your social obligations--the school car pool, taking the children to the dentist, birthday parties, and so on. Then list the housekeeping chores you do every day, those you do once a week, and those you do monthly or seasonally."
It seems to me that any gal in 1962 who could do this had a quite marketable job skill set.

Keeping the equipment in running order and organized was essential

Weekly fridge cleaning

Children's clothes should be within reach
When you put away the winter blankets laundry, repair, then wrap them for storage.
Should the man of the house rule the roost? Virginia Stitzenberger said aye:
"I  often think of our household as a ship. From time to time each child may want the ship to take a particular tack, but there is a skipper at the helm who accepts his rightful responsibility for navigating the vessel. Everyone aboard knows that no mutiny will be tolerated, and that, no matter how tempting it is to explore icebergs or other alluring danger spots, the ship will be safely steered."

Bored children needed help finding projects to do. Perhaps because we were no longer running free outdoors without supervision. I mean, how many hours of TV could a kid watch in a day? Five? Six? That left a few hours to fill.

 The new packaging for canned ham was so safe even little Sally could open it up. A great help to a Mom with her hands, literally, filled.
Not an illustration but a photo ad, this boy's look is pretty disturbing. 

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