Wednesday, August 27, 2014

John Quincy Adams Quilting

I have been quilting JQA in a cross hatch. These photos also show the appliquéd motifs with embroidered edges.

Most of the other quiltmakers preparing presidents for Sue Reich's traveling Presidents Quilt show say they are still thinking. That makes me wish that instead of diving in after being inspired I had taken more time to actually do the work. I tend to work in a white heat. 

My biggest concern was that I cut away fabric from under the appliquéd motifs, but forgot to do that for the JQA photo and Mendhi letter. I don't like what is happening with them and may have to stuff that part...which would have been way easier before layering and quilting by inseting a piece of batting. It is a "make it work" moment. Hopefully a "happy accident" one as well. (Clichés homage to Tim Gunn and Bob Ross!)

I also have been reading a upcoming book on the culinary life of John and Abigail Adams, courtesy of NetGalley and the publisher. In other words, what JQA ate growing up. Since he left Braintree with his dad for Paris when he was 13 he missed out on a lot of that good old American home cooking. Look for my review in a few days. I may have to try some of those recipes first!

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  1. Oh, the fact that other participants are still thinking makes me feel better, but I love yours!