Saturday, August 16, 2014

John Quincy Adams Coming Along

I decided on the final layout for the John Quincy Adams Presidential Quilt. Under the portrait I inked the beginning of a thank you letter from one of the captured Mendhi Africans who JQ represented in the Amistad trial.

The eagle, stars and flowers are from a preprinted reproduction panel. The gold fabric circles will help the stars stand out.

I hand basted all the pieces in place. The circle stars were basted around freezer paper circles first.

I will later embroider or pen more detailed information: name, dates, notes of his accomplishments.

I included portraits of presidents he served under: George Washington assigned him Minister to Holland, James Monroe appointed him Secretary of State, and the State of Massachusetts elected him to the House of Representatives when Andrew Jackson was president. And of course I included his father, John Adams.

I started the motifs today. It is so good to finally get back to creative efforts! It is invigorating!

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