Sunday, August 24, 2014

1962: What's Cooking?

 The March 1962 issue of Family Circle had lots of ads for processed foods. My mom was a big processed food user. It was the culture of the time.

Remember that pudding cheesecake with a graham cracker crust? I think they served it everywhere.

Luckily the only time I had SPAM was when the Girl Scouts went on an overnight camping trip. We each had to bring our own can of SPAM to grill over the fire at breakfast
Just open the can. Make some Biscuit biscuits. Dinner served.

A typical lunch: packaged sliced cheese and canned soup.

I never had waffles for breakfast growing up. These ginger spice ones look GOOD. 

 Meat was standard fare for all meals.

 Vegetables were offered on the side, kind of like pickles or rolls.

Well, even the applesauce had a traditional colonial theme going on. Pennsylvania Dutch.

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