Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Grand Central Terminal Centennial Quilt Challenge Finalist

January 5 at the Blair Library in Clawson quilter and writer Theresa Nielsen gave a talk on her art. Nielsen's quilt was a finalist in the Grand Central Terminal Centennial Quilt Challenge sponsored by the City Quilter quilt shop in New York.

The quilt incorporated fabrics designed for the Centennial, including fabric representing the constellation ceiling of the terminal and a picture postcard print with images of Grand Central. The fabrics are still available at The City Quilter's website and store in aqua and ivory colorways.
GCT Constellations-Aqua
Constellation fabric represents the ceiling of Grand Central

Grand Central-Aqua
Grand Central

See more about the challenge at:
The City Quilter: http://www.cityquilter.com/Grand-Central-Centennial-Quilts.html
The Wall Street Journal:
All People Quilt:

Theresa Nielsen quilt photograph from All People Quilt
Nielsen's embellishments includes beading and watch parts. Her quilting group friends helped her to collect the embellishments.

Nielsen has had other quilts in challenge shows, including the National Quilt Association's Sew Batik. Her books include stories based on her family life and her many pets, including birds, dogs, and cats.

Nielson had a Redwork quilt on display as well--with presidents and political motifs.

 The library (and city hall!) have quilts on display year round. Some at the library now:

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