Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Reverse Applique Jane

Here is how I did the Jane Austen silhouette in reverse applique.

I printed Jane's silhouette in different sizes and decided what size I wanted to use. Then I cut her out, right at the edge of her silhouette. (I loved paper dolls when I was a girl, so I had lots of practice.)

I cut the light and the red stripe fabric the same size and layered them with the light on top. I basted the layers together along the outer edges. (You could pin them. You could also iron the fabric. I didn't have my pins, or iron, at the time I did this.)

Silhouette placement on layered fabrics
I placed Jane on my white fabric and using a pencil traced around the edges of the silhouette. This line became my edge for the applique. I then basted around the silhouette, leaving a seam allowance between the basting line and the outline.

Using a sharp pair of small scissors I cut into the fabric inside the outline. I cut it little at a time, about 1/4 inch from the line. I cut small cuts into the seam allowance, down to the line, to help the fabric fold under better. (Like I learned when sewing curved seams when making clothing.)

I hand stitched the light fabric to the red stripe, folding the seam allowance inside just like in needle-turn applique. I actually used a red thread to match the silhouette fabric. I used the same stitch as in applique.

After the applique was completed I took out all the basting threads. I flipped the block over and using small sharp scissors trimmed the red stripe fabric, leaving a 1/4" seam allowance. Then I pressed the block.
Jane's signature
I added Jane's name by finding her signature and enlarging it, tracing it onto the light fabric. I embroidering it using three strands of dark brown embroidery floss.

It was really easy!

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