Wednesday, April 6, 2016

1857 & Little Hazel

Over the last month I have been glad to have many book reviews already reviewed and scheduled. A cold virus was wrecking havoc on my system, moving from head to chest to throat. I did not accomplish very much on my quilt projects but here is what I did get done.

I made the sawtooth outer border on the center of Little Hazel by Ester Alui. Twice. It didn't fit because I was impatient and querulous while ill and did a lousy job. I had to tear it apart, resize the pieces, and sew it together again. I am about halfway through appliquéing the circle to the background square.
Little Hazel center
The 1857 Sampler blocks of the month from Sentimental Stitches had motifs that did not speak to me: woodworking and carpentry tools. I switched them for a quill pen and inkwell and sewing tools on another block. I inserted a toile print in the center of one block instead of a cross. Nothing against the religious symbolism, but I thought it was a perfect frame. I need to size the blocks and add the corner motifs.

I also sewed together blocks I had made before our move nearly two years ago, and intend on having the quilt machine quilted--a first for me as I have always hand quilted. The blocks incorporate shirts from my father-in-law, culled from his closet after his passing to make a memory quilt. I don't have a photo yet!

While looking through old photos I chanced upon these from 1973. We were living on campus while my husband was in grad school and participated in the community garden. While cleaning up we found a rabbit nest. My husband and I raised them until they could eat grass. Every two hours we hand feed them with an dropper. All but one survived.

Seeing this photo my brother asked, "who is that hippie chick?" Lol, I was far from being a hippie but today all my generation are called 'hippies.' 


Hope your spring is warmer than ours in Southeastern Michigan! The bird feeder froze solid for two days. Brrr. 

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