Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sinclair Antiques

We visited a new antique mall in Clawson. Sinclair Antiques is right next to our local bakery/bread/pizza/sub/shop, Julian Brothers.  The building dates to 1947 when it was a Sinclair gas station.

There is a couch and tv in the lobby for spouses or kids who get bored! But who will get bored--there is something for everyone.
 This Erector set has it's original Hudson's label marked $50.
Bring TR home for $400
There is a 1915 bust of Teddy Roosevelt! If I had room I'd bring TR home with me! What a marvelous conversation piece he would be!

There was a lot of vintage clothing, including shoes and fancy Edwardian white shirts, dresses, and skirts.

And several quilts.
this wonderful quilt top was used behind a display 
$95 hand made quilt
$125 kit quilt Little Red Riding Hood

 And dolls.
 The owners are lovely people. Coffee and a plate of cookies were provided.
I will be back.

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