Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ta-Da! Some Finished Quilt Tops

Sometimes it seems I never finish anything I start. I need fabric or batting or time. I need to tear out or remake. I despair and walk away. So I am very satisfied to have actually finished a quilt top.

The Fox Kit quilt from Sew Fresh Quilts is done. This is more complicated to assemble than I usually attempt. Thankfully, Lorna's instructions are amazing with step by step colored illustrations.

Next up is my process on the Vintage Baseball quilt from Northwater Quilts.
I have already altered the original pattern with the use of the Tigers fabric. I want to turn this into a lap quilt. Instead of adding pennants in the corners I will add them in an additional border, one for each pennant year.

I am also planning on --gasp-- not hand quilting these quilts. I will have them machine quilted. I have hand quilted 95% of my quilts since 1991. I machine quilted smaller artsy pieces. 

I am getting into the 21st c. of quiltmaking.

I have a few corners to clean up with additional appliqué, but am thrilled to have finessed the last border on Love Entwined!

I still can't face the next border, so will set it aside for a bit. This quilt will be hand quilted, when I decide it is finished.

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