Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What I've Been Up To...

...other than reading and writing book reviews!

I have about three hours work left on Love Entwined, first border. I worked on it while with my Tuesday quilt group this week.

I had to scrap two blocks of the 1857 Album quilt. I wanted to do reverse appliqué but the background fabric frayed too much! I hated how it looked. So no progress this week. Last week I finished the block with the toile insert. The quill pen and ink stand are my swap for carpentry tools.

I have a few seams left on my Fox Kit quilt.

I bought a Jeanne Miller handkerchief for $2.75--I suppose not many are interested in a handkerchief with  medieval halberds and shields depicted on it! It's mint with a label!
My husband found a quilting needle sticking out of a vintage quilt we had been gifted. I suppose it has been there since the 1970s!
 The vintage 1930s top had been sewn to a pre-quilted fabric in the 1970s.
We had a week of sleet, ice, and snow. It froze the bird bath. Luckily the daffodils survived and will bloom soon.

I finished sewing Little Hazel's center to the background fabric.

I keep plodding along without finishing anything!

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