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Helen Korngold Diary July 21-27, 1919

Helen Korngold, Dec. 1919, New York City
This year I am sharing the 1919 diary of Helen Korngold of St. Louis, MO. After graduating from Washington University she went on a trip to Colorado. This week ends with her return to St. Louis.

Monday 21

Hiked around – home for lunch. Talked to Leona Caplan a long time. Slept in afternoon. Walked in evening.

Tuesday 22

High drive – Fish hatchery. Fall River. Home for lunch. Slept in afternoon. Had a glorious time at dance in the evening. John [Rinker?] is a peach, so is Howard. Home at 12:30. Dandy time.

Wednesday 23

Packed. I walked. Slept in afternoon. Stanley dance in evening. Met Lawrence Glaser again. Home about 12 o’clock. Had a nice time. Saw Margaret Woods & Henry Ducker.

Thursday 24

Left Crags in auto at 7:45. Denver – 12:30 – Colo. Springs 5:40 – Walked with Uncle Jo all evening & next morning

Friday 25

Over to Ma(?)ton with Uncle Jo & Ada. Had a good time. Drank every variety of spring water. Fine staff. Have rested & left at 3:10.

Saturday 26

Spent a miserable day on the train. Met some fine fellows – Captain Tom Steele of Pitt. U., Ensign Steve House at 10 p.m.

Sunday 27

Unpacked. Rested. Show with Karol in evening.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch ad, May 1919

July 21

Leona Caplan was born 12/25/1889 in Texas and died in 1967 in St. Louis, MO. Her parents were Abraham (1860-1941), who was a traveling salesman for John Hancock Life Insurance, and Etta Kupperman (1860-1942). The 1900 St Louis Census shows Leona, age 12, with siblings Amelia, Dora, Tillie, and Ralph. Leona never married and worked as a clerk. On 1910  Federal Census Leona worked at an advertising company. In 1940 she was a stenographer.

July 22

Fall River, CO is a tributary of the Big Thompson River and had no auto road until 1920.

July 23

A Margaret Woods appears in the 1917 Hatchet as a member of the YWCA.

A Henry Philip Ducker earned a Bachelor of Science in Commerce in the 1919 graduating class of Washington University. He also shows up the 1917 Hatchet in Student Life and Beta Theta Phi.

Lawrence Glaser may be Lawrence Samuel Glaser born 6-1893 and died 4-1967, child of Morris and Pauline and worked as a salesman for Wamsutta Shirts. His WWI draft card describes him as short with dark hair and eyes.

July 25

Manitou Springs is a historic site, with a natural springs and nearby cliff dwellings and is part of the Pikes Peak Country tour. The Native Americans regarded the mineral spring water as sacred. Manitou Springs became a health resort.

Uncle Jo & Abe were Joseph Frey and Abraham Frey, Helen’s mother’s brothers.

St Louis Globe-Democrat ad, May 1919

The Rocky Mountain National Park was created in 1915. Previous to that time there was private lands with lodges, the owners building and maintaining the roads and trails and providing tours.
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch ad May 1919

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